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Permissions to certain page and its subpages

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    Is it possible with press permit to create an administrator and give it only access to CREATE, EDIT and DELETE a certain page and all its subpages? Is this easy to do (my client should be able to do this)?



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    Here’s the process to grant editing access to a single page:

    1. Ensure that the user’s WordPress role does not include page editing capabilities
    2. On the Permissions menu, click “Permit Groups – Add New”
    3. Enter a meaningful group name (can be user’s name if you’re sure no other users will ever be added to group)
    4. Select user(s) via an ajax search interface
    5. Click “Create Group” button
    6. In the “Add Supplemental Roles” box, set the “Post Type” dropdown to “Page”
    7. Set the “Scope” dropdown to “for Pages:”
    8. Set the “Role” dropdown to “Editor”
    9. Select desired page(s) and click “Add Roles” button
    10. When finished adding roles, click “Save Roles” button

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    Just bought the plugin.
    But, do I need to install the “Back-End Content Roles extension” plugin?
    Because I can’t select the editor role, only the “Subscriber” role..
    Also, I guess I need to work with Author, as the Editor has page editing capabilities, and in your first step you say it can’t have that?

    Thanks a lot,


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    Yes, to assign supplemental editing roles, you need to also activate the PP Back-End Content Roles plugin.

    Regarding Author / Editor, that instruction pertains to the user’s normal WordPress role (as displayed on the Edit User screen). You can still assign a supplemental Editor role for specified content.

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    I installed it, but still can’t see the Editor or Author role..
    It’s hard to configure without documentation.
    Hope you can help me find out what i’m doing wrong..

    PS. updated couple of times from 1.15 to 1.16, both from the settings page and the WP plugin page, but it keeps saying I need to update.


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    Did you update the plugin before or after my last message. I just fixed the version tags. Testing now on both single and multisite, the update goes through fine and message disappears.

    For the role assignment, are you following the instructions above? Have both PP and PP-Back-End activated? If you are working with custom roles, you’ll need to enable them for supplemental role assignment. First, enable advanced settings. Then go to Role Usage and enable desired roles as Pattern Roles.

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    I did the update once more, and now it worked.. i.e. the update..

    Yes, following the instructions above.. Both PP and PP-Back-End are installed and activated.
    Not sure if I’m working with custom roles? I created a user, and gave him the standard WP Author role. So I guess I don’t.
    Then followed the instructions above..
    It’s a single site website..
    Could I maybe give you access to the website, so you can have a look? Guess you’ll fix it in no time..
    What I want to do is stated in my first post above..

    Thanks for your help,

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    It turns out that all roles except Subscriber were disabled for supplemental assignment. This setting is in Permissions > Role Usage, after advanced settings are enabled. After setting them to “Pattern Role” assignment, the following assignments provide the desired access:

    • Page Editor for specified page and subpages.
    • Page Author site-wide (defaults to only allowing editable pages to be selected as parent)
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    Good morning, Kevin

    I’m trying to use PressPermit on a WordPress Mutli-site installation to restrict a user (e.g. redteamcoach) to a specific page (e.g. and its sub-pages. I’ve read the directions above and followed them to the best of my ability, but I must be missing something, because when I go back and log in as “redteamcoach”, I see Pages appear in the left-hand admin menu (an encouraging sign)– but when I click on Pages, all I get is a blank screen.

    I’ve installed and network activated the PressPermit plugin, entered the license key, and turned on the PP-backend plugin. So far, so good.

    I initially created the “redteamcoach” user with the subscriber role, to make sure it does not have any publishing capabilities of its own. (In trying to troubleshoot, I have subsequently switched the role to contributor and back again, but this did not make a difference.)

    I’ve created a new group through the PressPermit interface, called “Red Team Coaches.” I’ve searched for the user via the Ajax interface and added them to the selected box, and created the group. Again, so far, so good– everything makes sense.

    From there, I’ve used the Add Supplemental Roles dialog to grant a post type of page, a scope of For Pages:, put checkmarks besides both selected pages and sub-pages of, assigned a role of Editor and then put a checkmark beside the “red team” page in the page listing on the right. Again, everything makes sense and looks like I’d expect. I hit the save roles button, and it looks like everything completes properly– no error messages.

    But, when I log off and log back in as the redteamcoach, and hit the Pages menu link, I get a blank screen.

    I even doubled back to check the Permissions -> Role Usage item you posted earlier today, thinking that might solve my issue, but either I’m doing it incorrectly or there’s some nuance that is still eluding me here.

    Any insights that might help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, Kevin

    Think we might have solved our problem! We switched on the debugging option and found we were getting some memory-related PHP Fatal errors. Once we increased the memory_limit constant in our php.ini file significantly, we were able to log in as the redteamcoach, see the “Pages” menu item and actually get the page listing form with our single page in it, do the editing, etc.

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    Glad to hear you solved it. By the way, I’m working on a streamlined edition of the plugin which greatly reduces memory usage and server load, for those who can work with a simplified permissions model and fewer advanced options.

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    Looks quite easy!
    So with the option “Sub-pages of” I can also give access to its sub-pages?



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    So with the option “Sub-pages of” I can also give access to its sub-pages?

    Yes, you can

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