New: bbPress Teaser

Does your membership site feature private bbPress forums?  Would you like an easy way to let visitors see a list of those private forums and click in for a preview?  How about displaying the forum statistics and topics, but masking the replies?  It would help people recognize how much useful feedback you’ve been providing. Press Permit Pro is now ready to help.  Introducing bbPress Teaser!

Settings are located alongside the teaser controls for other post types after enabling the PP Content Teaser and PP Compatibility extensions.  You can configure it to tease replies only, or both topics and replies. If you prefer to hide both topics and replies completely, a dedicated teaser-content-forum template may be added to your theme folder.

Here’s how the new switches look in the Press Permit Pro settings panel:
Settings: bbPress Teaser

You can specify your desired teaser text for replies and (if enabled) topics within the plugin settings UI:
Teaser Text: bbPress Teaser

Press Permit does not handle member registration and billing, but this bbPress content teaser could be a key element in your membership solution.  See it in action on the Press Permit Pro member support forums:
Example Forum: bbPress Teaser