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The Capability Manager plugin is like a trusty old utility knife that’s always within reach. For years I have included it automatically on most of my plugin development sites and some production sites. There are other good WordPress role editors out there, some no doubt more efficiently coded. But CM has always got the job done for me with just the right combination of aesthetics and geeky dashboard aura.

However, over the year I have accumulated a few improvement requests. The original author, Jordi Canals, has not updated the plugin since early 2010. Since he was unreachable by web or email, I decided to take on the project myself. Since Press Permit uses WordPress roles definitions but eliminates the need to direct-assign capabilities in many scenarios, I have also cooked up some PP-awareness to make it the ideal WordPress role editor for Press Permit sites.

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Capability Manager Enhanced change log (changes from CM 1.3):

  • Organized capabilities UI by post type and operation
  • Separated WP core capabilities and 3rd party capabilities
  • Clarified sidebar captions
  • Don’t allow a non-Administrator to add or remove a capability they don’t have
  • Fixed PHP Warnings for unchecked capabilities
  • Optional Press Permit integration:
    • switch type-specific capability definitions on/off
    • show capabilities which Press Permit adds to the role by supplemental type-specific role assignment
  • Reduce memory usage by loading framework and plugin code only when needed
WP Role Management Interface (standalone under Users > Capabilities)


WP Role Management Interface (with Press Permit activated, under Permissions > Role Capabilities)

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