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Category Archives: Development News

WP 4.2 and Nginx

Press Permit Core and its Pro extensions have been updated for WordPress 4.2 compatibility, user-requested features and minor bug fixes. The most exciting development is new support within PP File URL Filter for generation of Nginx rewrite rules. Control of direct file URL access requires rewrite rules at the server configuration level, but previously only Apache server was supported.

Note that whereas Press Permit Pro provides Apache solutions with nearly zero configuration, Nginx solutions are not complete out-of-the-box. Due to differences in the behavior of Nginx, server administrators will also need to implement their own script to trigger an Nginx configuration reload. Press Permit Pro members may read documentation for plugin configuration after logging in. Although development, troubleshooting and support of your main Nginx configuration and system-level scripts are outside plugin supports, questions regarding plugin configuration may be directed to the support forums on this site.

WP 4.1 Compatibility

Press Permit Core 2.1.50 is now available for download from This version is tested for compatibility with WP 4.1.

Now Supporting Co-Authors+

Yesterday’s updates to Press Permit Core (2.1.46) and PP Compatibility (2.1.15) add support for the Co-Authors Plus plugin. Those running PP Core can enable a new setting to keep a co-author’s posts (and also uneditable posts) visible in the wp-admin listings. This setting is Permissions > Settings > Core > Admin Back End > Hide non-editable posts.

Pro users who activate the PP Compatibility extension will continue to have a “what you see is what you can edit” listing, with co-author permissions treated the same as the main post author.

PP2 Production Release

By God’s grace, the Bashkirs did not get the last laugh this time.  After 29 months of beta development, refinement and real world performance of an ever more comprehensive permissions model, Press Permit is a production release.

As promised, this production release comes with documentation:

For those of you who are still running the PP 1.x beta code and would like to migrate to the new permissions model, an import script (PP Import) is available.  There is no direct upgrade from the 1.x plugins; you will need to manually install Press Permit Core from Account > Downloads.