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Extension plugins to extend Press Permit\\\’s functionality or compatibility

Role Scoper Migration Advisor

Analyzes your Role Scoper installation, identifying groups, roles, restrictions and options which can (or cannot) be automatically imported by the PP Import extension.


Allows Permission Group membership to be date-limited (delayed and/or scheduled for expiration). Simple date picker UI alongside member selection supports entry of date or number of days. Note that this is not a full blown membership solution. It does not … Continue reading

WPML Integration

WPML Integration: This extension provides allows page selection for custom permissions assignment to be filtered by language.  It also enables permissions exceptions assigned to posts and terms to be mirrored to translations.

File Access

Filters direct file access, based on user’s access to post(s) which the file is attached to. No additional configuration required, unless you want to manually adjust permissions per-file or per-category. Creates/modifies .htaccess file in uploads folder.

Status Control

Your custom post statuses registered and implemented! Moderation statuses (also requires PP Collaborative Editing) allow unlimited orderable steps between pending and published, each with distinct capability requirements and role assignments.  Both privacy and moderation statuses can be type-specific.


On the site front end, replace non-readable content with placeholder text.  The message is easily customizable with no need to create or edit templates.  The teaser can be enabled for any post type. Custom filters enable customization, but no programming … Continue reading


Adds compatibility and/or integration with bbPress, BuddyPress, Yoast SEO, Relevanssi, SearchWP, CMS Tree Page View, Co-Authors Plus, various other plugins. For multisite, provides network-wide permission groups.


Precisely allocate content management by role, custom-defined group or individual user. Enable or restrict editing, term association and parent selection for specific pages, categories, media and most post types. Customize post statuses and workflow permissions with Revisionary or Edit Flow.


Visibility Circles and Editorial Circles block access to content not authored by other group members. Any WordPress Role, BuddyPress Group or custom Group can be marked as a Circle for specified post types.

Buddypress Role Groups

Modify any BuddyPress group’s access to specified content. Assign type-specific supplemental roles and post-specific exceptions as with custom-defined groups.