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Adding user to group fails if user is not a user of root site

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    I have a WP multisite install. I have created network level groups. I am unable to add users to the network groups if they are not users of the root site in the multisite network. I am wanting to *not* add these users to the root site, but rather have them only be users of specific other subsites.

    I have tried adding them from both the “Group” editing screen, and from also the “Edit User” screen. From the Group editing screen, I can “search” for the user and find them, move them over to the “current selections” column, but upon clicking the “update” button, they no longer appear in that column. From the “Edit User” screen, I see the checkboxes for the groups, and can check the desired box, but upon saving changes to the user profile, the check for that group disappears.

    If i do the same for the Root site in my Multisite install, it is successful either way. But again, i do not want these users having access to the Root site.

    If i go into the database and manually add rows to the wordpress.wp_pp_group_members table, they will persist, even if the targeted user is NOT a user of the Root site. But obviously i do not want to have to manually edit the database to add users to a group.

    Any ideas?

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