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[Resolved] BuddyPress Group exceptions by role

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    Another one from me:

    I’m using PP BuddyPress Role Groups to restrict access to a custom post type by a custom taxonomy term (e.g. Members of the “Directors” BP group can’t access a “project” unless it has the “Directors” taxonomy term). This works fine for reading. However, I’d like to grant access to either a higher role or the BP Group Admin to edit these posts without allowing normal users/members to do so.

    It looks like the BuddyPress Groups exception on the taxonomy term (shown below) overrides any other blocks or denials (including a “Not these” exception set on the lower role). So with the exception in place, users of even the least powerful role have access to edit the posts with that term as long as they belong to the group.

    Taxonomy term exceptions

    What I need is to allow members of the group to make these edits as long as they are either Group Admin or have a certain role. I could just grant this role access to edit any posts of the type “project,” but another requirement is that the admin may not edit posts of that type from groups that they don’t belong to.

    I found this in an old support response from 2012 and it sounds like exactly what I need (i.e. granting an edit exception to only BP Group admins/mods/etc.):

    Currently, Press Permit can only distinguish between group membership or non-membership. But long-term, I plan to support assigning supplemental roles to moderators of a specific BP group. The required code is partially in place and I would expect to finish it sometime this summer, or possibly spring.

    Was this ever implemented, or is there another way to accomplish what I’m looking for? Thanks as always.

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