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    We have decided on using PP our custom user management needs. The specific use case that tipped us in the PP direction was the ability to define permission groups on pages and subpages, which solves a big part of our requirements. We are

    There is another scenario which I’ll outline below. We’re looking for some insight on whether PP is the solution for it, and if it is, how to implement it.

    The scenario is a custom post type (mycpt) with a couple of user scenarios. First, users with the ability to add, edit, and publish their own and others’ mycpts. The second user scenario is the ability add and edit but not publish their own (but not others’) mycpts.

    I realise these correspond neatly to the traditional WordPress editor and contributor roles, respectively, but there are additional requirements. For one, the users with these specific mycpt abilities may have other roles (or belong to other permission groups) in the system.

    The “mycpt editors” need to be able to add an editing exception on specific mycpts for anyone with the “mycpt contributor” ability.

    Additionally, we want the “mycpt editors” to be able to assign other users the “mycpt contributor” ability. Ideally we don’t want them to be able to create new users; just assign the mycpt contributor role to a user.

    So that’s roughly what we are trying to achieve and looking for feedback. BTW, we have a developer license for the plugin.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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