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[Resolved] Multisite missing db tables on some sites

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    I am running in multisite, and my error logs are full of errors like these:

    [09-Nov-2016 21:57:34 UTC] WordPress database error Table 'wp_dschiera.wp_95_ppc_exception_items' doesn't exist for query SELECT e.agent_id AS qry_agent_id, e.exception_id, e.for_item_source, e.for_item_type, e.operation, e.via_item_type, COUNT(DISTINCT i.exception_id, i.item_id) AS exc_count FROM wp_95_ppc_exception_items AS i INNER JOIN wp_95_ppc_exceptions AS e ON i.exception_id = e.exception_id WHERE i.inherited_from = '0' AND e.agent_type = 'pp_group' AND operation IN ('read','edit','associate','assign','manage') AND e.for_item_type IN ('','post','page','category','post_tag','nav_menu','pp_group') AND e.via_item_type IN ('','post','page','category','post_tag','nav_menu','pp_group') AND e.agent_id IN ('9','10','16','3','13','15','4','11','2','17','5','8','6','7','12') GROUP BY qry_agent_id, e.for_item_source, e.for_item_type, e.operation made by do_action('toplevel_page_pp-groups'), call_user_func_array, PP_AdminUI->menu_handler, include_once('/plugins/press-permit-core/admin/pp-groups.php'), PP_Groups_List_Table->prepare_items, ppc_count_assigned_exceptions, _ppc_count_assigned_exceptions

    Not all my sites are missing tables. How do I fix this?

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