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[Support request] PP File URL Filter: can’t make it block PDFs

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    Hi there! I hope you can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong.

    I’m trying to use the PP File URL Filter to stop visitors who are not logged-in from viewing various media files eg PDFs using the direct URL of that media item.

    My client’s website is divided into 3 main sections – Public, Members and Board Members. Public is open to all, Members is accessible only by registered users with the role of either Members or Board Members, and the Board Members section is only accessible to Board Members.

    Using a combination of Press Permit, Profile Builder and a bunch of other member-related plugins I have managed to build a membership-based website and restrict access to posts, pages, categories etc – including resources and resources categories, which is where the PDFs live – but I cannot seem to block the direct URLs to PDFs, which is what I thought the PP File URL Filter would do.

    Press Permit was the only plugin I found that enabled me to restrict my resources categories to the correct user type (thank you so much!) and so I was expecting the URL filter to work in the same way for the individual files once I installed it – but nothing’s happening.

    First of all, media files such as PDFs that are linked to by a resources page in a category that’s already restricted are not inheriting those restrictions (which I thought was supposed to happen), and I can still access the files themselves via direct URL even if I’m not logged-in.

    What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to re-load those resources or categories or files in order for them to inherit the restriction settings of their parents? I’ve also tried re-setting the permissions on individual files and their individual parent resources, but nothing’s happening.

    Hope you can help. This is my client’s website – – still in development but supposed to go live next week (eek!) – please let me know how I can provide you with backend access details privately so you can take a proper look.

    Thanks in advance :)Ali

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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