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[Resolved] pp_get_post_id mistakenly assumes post is glob

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    When creating a new post using wp_insert_post we should get a post without a post_parent (set to ID of 0), however the plugin is giving us a post_parent of the parent of the current page. I think I’ve nailed it down to line 12 of pp-collaborative-editing/admin/post-save-hierarchical_ppce.php where it says $post = pp_get_post_id();

    This section of the code has no context of what is going on, whether we are updating a post or creating a new one. It just assumes we are working off the current global $post object, which is not true if you are trying to programmatically create a post. Basically, the program flow follows these steps:

    1. We call wp_insert_post to create a new post, explicitly setting the post_parent argument to 0
    2. The WP core code calls sanitize_post within wp_insert_post
    3. sanitize_posts calls sanitize_post_field
    4. sanitize_post_field calls the pre_post_parent filter
    5. The pre_post_filter calls PPCE_AdminFilters::flt_page_parent
    6. PPCE_AdminFilters::flt_page_parent returns PPCE_PostSaveHierarchical::flt_page_parent
    7. This is where the code then calls pp_get_post_id which mistakenly assumes which post we are working on as the global $post

    Since this is happening on the wp_insert_post, the PPCE plugin is basically making a wrongful assumption in each time that a post is inserted. We have one confirmed scenario where this is happening, but it could definitely happen in other places.

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