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Presale questions: site activation/deactivation and others

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    I am a free lance designer and want to use Press Permit on multiple sites. Generally, I set up a new WordPress site with custom styling and layout, custom site structure with custom post types, custom meta fields, plugins configured, etc.

    Am I permitted to resell PP as a service to clients if I use a multiple-site license?

    I may not have continued admin access and wonder if I can control site activations remotely? I see the settings created will remain in the database but changes would not if PP license is not active so it would seem painless to the client if the license was deactivated unless they have a new user or need to alter a current user.

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    You are welcome to sell your service of installing the package on their site and as an intermediary for any support issues. However, I won’t field support requests directly from your clients under the multi-site support package. Your account control panel includes the ability to deactivate the key remotely, but (re)activation must be done within the site’s wp-admin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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