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    I am using the Oasis Workflow Pro and Capability Manager Enhanced plugins to manage the content workflow for my site. I removed the permission for an Editor to Publish a page in Capability Manager Enhanced and added a plugin to prevent anyone other than the site administrator from creating a new page.

    The result works exactly as I wanted.

    An Editor sees a complete list of pages but when an individual page title is clicked, the Editor gets a message saying that the page cannot be edited, only revised. If the Editor chooses to revise a page, the revision is saved in a “pending” status for review and publication by the site administrator at a later date.

    The “missing piece” was a way to limit the list of pages an Editor sees to only those pages for which he or she is responsible — so I installed Press Permit Core and the PP Collaborative Editing Pack plugins to accomplish this result.

    I set up a user with Subscriber permissions and then used Press Permit to give this user edit permissions for a single page.

    The result was close to what I wanted but not exactly.

    When this user logs in to WordPress and goes to the list of pages, only the selected page appears in the list. This is prefect.

    But the user can click the page title (or the Edit link that appears under the page title on hover) and do a “real time edit” of the page. As described above, I want this user to be forced to do a revision — not allowed to do a real time edit.

    How do I get there from here…?? (I am thinking the problem might be that when PP gave the Subscriber user Editor permissions for the single page, those permissions included “publish” instead of the limited permissions I gave Editors in Capability Manager Enhanced.)

    – Dick

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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