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[Resolved] Reading exceptions for sub-pages

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    We’re in the process of setting up a restricted area of our institutional website, which will effectively be designated as our Intranet. I’m either not understanding something correctly or am doing something wrong as it pertains to applying read permissions/restrictions to sub-pages. For example, I have a page that I set the Reading exceptions at the WP Role level to “Blocked” for {Anonymous} on both “This Page” and “Sub-Pages”. However, I have a page that has all of the Reading Exception permissions left at their default, which is (Defaut: Yes).

    That page is does not seem to be inheriting the “Blocked” status from the parent page, which has the same permissions set for “Sub-pages.” Am I misunderstanding the functionality of the “Sub-pages” setting for a parent page?

    At this point I’m not concerned about editing or defining editing permissions – just want to restrict read access to specific roles in order to configure a secure Intranet section of our site. My authentication mechanism is working fine, it’s just the restrictions aspect of things that I need to get configured and preferably using best practices for the aforementioned scenario. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, if I try to add/define said permissions at the user level instead of at the WP Role level, no users are showing up in the search box when I search for users, regardless of what I put in. I’ve tried leaving it blank, putting a space, only putting one or two characters, etc. Nothing yields results in the search for users, and I obviously have users in our system. Any thoughts on why that might be?

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