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    I’ve gone through your video tutorials and I believe Press Permit Pro with the other included plugins will meet my needs as it appears to be very comprehensive, if complicated but can you please confirm it will do what I need?

    I’m setting up a site with several custom post types, multiple categories and multiple contributors. Each contributor can only submit posts for review under specific categories and only view/edit their own posts. An editor will then review the post and either publish or reject the post.

    Can you please confirm that it is possible to configure Press Permit Pro and the included plugin suite to restrict contributors to:

    1. Only be able to select categories specific to that contributor when adding a post.
    2. Only see their own posts on the All Posts screen, (but be able to view all posts via the front-end).
    3. Only be able to edit posts before they are published, i.e. once published, they cannot edit the post.
    4. Only see media items they have uploaded themselves.
    5. Hide and restrict access to specific items on the Dashboard menu.

    Also, what happens after the 12 months, do we need to resubscribe each year at the full price to get access to updates and support?

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Press Permit Pro supports (1) through (4), except that your Contributors will not be able to see their uneditable posts listed in wp-admin. I support an option to list all uneditable posts (as with default WP behavior), in which case they could click on “Mine” to exclude others. There is not currently a provision for forcing that “Mine” filter for read-only purposes, though I would consider adding that.

    Required pro extensions for you would be PP Collaborative Editing Pack and PP File URL Filter. After activation, see Permissions > Settings > Editing > Media Library to set these options:

    [] List other users’ uploads if attached to a readable post

    [] List other users’ uploads if attached to an editable post

    [] Edit other user’ uploads if attached to an editable post

    [] Other users’ unattached uploads listed by default

    [] Users can always edit their own attachments

    For (5), you would need to activate an admin dashboard customization plugin such as Adminimize or AG Custom Admin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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