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[Resolved] Unable to set editability on pages

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    Somehow, sometime in the last few months, something has gone very wrong with the Press Permit settings on my website. I can no longer set editability conditions for pages on my site – I am able to specify a setting on the Edit Page screen, but when I save the page it reverts to “Normal” editability.

    The editability settings on some existing pages have disappeared, and yet the relevant users are still able edit pages which no longer have an editability setting (e.g. the user “band_admin” should be able to edit the 13 pages for which I set Editability to “Band”, but the Editability settings has disappeared from 2 pages, and yet band_admin can still edit all 13 pages, including the 2 pages for which the “Band” setting has disappeared).

    Also, if I create a new user called test_band_admin, who has exactly the same role assigned as band_admin (i.e. role “Band Administrator”), they are not able to see any pages to edit.

    I have upgraded to version 1.1.16-beta of Press Permit, and version 1.1.4-beta of ¬†PP Back-End Content Roles a while ago, but I didn’t notice whether the above issues were already in existence, or have only occurred since.

    Can you suggest how I can begin to sort this out? Am I best to deactivate and delete both these plugins and rebuild my site authorisations all over again? Do I arrange a login for you to take a look?

    Could you please advise me how I can sort this muddle out?



    [ login required ]


    [ login required ]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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