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[Resolved] User Exceptions disappear

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    This has been moved over from the forum at the request of Kevin. Here’s the original post/thread:

    Here’s the original issue/question:

    We’re using PP (Core, plus several of the additional plugins). We were informed about a week ago that some users are able to see pages and posts they’re not supposed to. Further investigation showed that approx 5% of our approx. 9,000 users had their list of Exceptions wiped out. Interestingly, we were experimenting with one user account and tried changing the users role from “User” to “Test User”, then back to “User”. That user then had all the Exceptions associated by default with that role. Really weird, though, was it fixed the issue for *all* of the affected users.

    The issue re-surfaces about once or twice per day, and we haven’t been able to discern a pattern. The only thing we can tell for sure is it seems to be the same users who are affected each time.

    This one is a real head scratcher.

    Any idea where to look, what to try, what to check?

    Additional info: we recently updated to Version 2.3.20-dev, but the issue is still occurring.

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