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    Is your plugin able to assign someone in a custom group to be admin of the users of only that group?

    For example, say I have a group of users and I want one person in that group (the group admin) to have access to edit the roles, permissions, email, etc. of other members of that group.

    Furthermore, the admin would only be able to grant/deny permissions available to that group not just assign any random permissions. So if my group is able to create house listings, the admin of that group could say, that Phil can do everything else a group member can do, but shouldn’t be able to create any listings.

    Is any of this possible, or something similar to it?

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    David, you can assign a Permission Group management exception to a user of your choice. From the Users listing, click on their “Role” cell. That takes you to the Edit User Permissions screen. Hit the “Exceptions” tab and select Post Type = “Permission Group”

    To assign permissions, they will need one or more of the following capabilities in their WP role:


    If you want to grant those supplementally, use Capability Manager Enhanced or any other role editing plugin to create a new role. Then turn on Permissions > Settings > Advanced and set the role’s PP usage to Direct Assignment (Permissions > Role Usage). Finally, go back to Edit User Permissions and assign the newly defined role.

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    Having said that, I’m not sure if this will meet all your goals. Available permissions will be limited to those possessed by the group administrator. Limiting permissions assignment (or removal) to those already possessed by the group would require further development (probably on a consulting basis).

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    BTW, the stated permissions control is a feature of the Pro package.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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