PressPermit Overview

PressPermit is an advanced content permissions layer for WordPress.  It allows you to customize viewing or editing access to your posts, pages, custom posts and file attachments.

A Role is a collection of capabilities (such as “read”, “read private pages”, “edit posts”, “edit published posts”).  By default, WordPress associates each user with one role.  If new capabilities are required, they are either added to an existing role, or force a new role to be defined.

PressPermit adds the ability to easily customize reading or editing access to specific post types, categories / terms, page branches or individual posts/pages.  These adjustments can be made for existing role groups, BuddyPress groups, custom groups, or individual users.

Custom Post Types are fully supported, including bbPress forums and topics. In most cases there is no need to modify WP role definitions.

PressPermit was derived from the Role Scoper plugin, but implements on an improved permissions model:

  • Cleaner, by extending the normal WordPress capabilities model
  • Easier and more flexible, by casting stock WP roles as Pattern Roles which can be assigned for any registered post type
  • Extensible, with custom post statuses (custom post privacy or moderation status)
  • Powerful but clear administration of Post-specific and Term-specific restrictions and allowances

For more details, see the slideshow or feature grid.

The Pro package adds compatibility with many third party plugins, including:

  • PublishPress
  • bbPress
  • Yoast SEO (for sitemaps)
  • Relevanssi
  • Public Post Preview
  • CMS Tree Page View
  • Revisionary
  • Co-Authors+

Minor compatibility issues with SearchWP and WooCommerce have also been resolved.  In general, plugin compatibility cannot be guaranteed, but has not generally been a problem.

Your purchase of a support package provides the following benefits:

  • 12 months of Pro updates delivered to your site
  • 12 months of expert support with our convenient help ticket system