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Refund Policy

Your Press Permit Pro purchase comes with a discretionary refund policy.  If the plugin fails to perform on your site as designed or advertised, you are welcome to request a refund within 30 days of purchase.  You will be asked to describe the malfunction and provide any configuration details necessary to reproduce it.  Agapetry Creations LLC reserves the right to advise a configuration change or correct the malfunction rather than refunding the purchase, but will hear your case.  We strive for happy resolutions, and have almost always been able to achieve them.

The refund policy is not intended as a trial download.  Most plugin functionality is demonstrated in the step by step How-To Screencasts.  If you are still uncertain whether the plugin is the right fit for your site or your client’s, you may request temporary administration of a site on the Press Permit Try Network for a small fee.